Can I Ask For Your Help?

It’s here! That season when things start to feel festive, and when many of us start to reflect on where are are and what the new year will bring.

Today I want to talk specifically with you about what’s in the queue for Bloomology, and where we’re headed from here. 2016 brought a website facelift, a brand refresh, and more focused vision; 2016 was all about rebooting and refining.

But I can already tell: 2017 will be all about community, and connecting.

Fall 2016 Reader Survey |

After I had such an amazing time recording an episode of the #Createlounge Podcast with Kayla Hollatz earlier this year, it felt so clear to me that sharing my voice – I mean, my actual voice – is a fresh, purposeful way to bring a real personal feel to the Bloomology experience. So that raised the question: is there an opportunity here?

I’m up to my eyeballs with ideas of how best to build a sense of community here that adds to your life and helps you in practical, meaningful ways... but I need your help.

Would you be willing to tell me a little about where you are, and the kinds of things that would speak to you in the coming year?

I’ve put together a brief reader survey that should only take you about ten minutes, but your feedback will go a long way in informing the kinds of things I’ll be creating for you in 2017. Very few questions are required, and you’re welcome to remain anonymous. My goal is to bring you content and offerings that are as helpful and impactful as possible.

We’ll get back to regularly scheduled content next week. Until then, have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and thank you for being here.