navigating relationships as a sensitive person starts with finding your voice.

What's standing in your way?

Ready for a little good news?

You don't have to choose between showing up for the people you love, and nurturing your own well-being.

There's space for both.


You and me, we're natural helpers. Our compassion shines in our relationships, and we're so good at caring for the people close to you. Whether we're lending an ear, offering a hand, or racking our brains for ways to make someone's day easier, helping is in our DNA. 

But I know it can be easy to slowly start giving too much of yourself as you work hard to take care of the people you love. And not only can it leave you feeling stretched thin, it also starts to diminish your space in the world. The good news? I'm here to help.



Hi there! I'm Michelle.

I created Bloomology to help strong, sensitive people like you and me embrace our sensitive nature, and navigate our relationships with a sense of clarity and surefootedness. 

Because I know that tug-of-war of wanting to show up for the people you love most, and needing to take care of yourself - and it's messy. But I wholly believe it's possible to stay generous and grounded. More on that over here.


we know it's important to speak up for ourselves in our relationships.

So why does it feel so uncomfortable?

Use this 7-question quiz to discover your biggest barrier when it comes to speaking up about your own wants and needs, and get a tailor-made mini guidebook to help you work through those challenges - so you can start finding real fulfillment in your relationships, without all those anxious butterflies.

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