When Being Insightful Feels Exhausting

As highly self-aware introspective people, we’re really good at noticing when something feels ‘off’ or ‘not quite right’ – and so often, our impulse is to move immediately into Detective Mode. But let's be honest - that 'information hunter' approach to being an introspective person can start to feel exhausting. But what if there's a better way?

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Questioning the Stories We Tell Ourselves

We all have these narratives that run in the background of our consciousness as we go through our days. They’re stories we tell ourselves (consciously or not) about why the people around us do the things they do, what they mean, and what’s about to happen next. And if you’re anything like me, it can be startling to notice how often they involve jumping to negative conclusions.

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Time to Rethink Quiet Politeness

Can you think of a time when you felt reluctant to agree with someone, uncomfortable with something happening right in front of you, or somehow taken advantage of – and yet you bit your tongue and went with the flow, to keep the peace? I’ll bet you can. I know I can. In fact, a recent one jumps to mind immediately, and it’s remarkably ordinary.

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Growth Happens Inch by Inch

I’ve realized that here, in this space we’ve created at Bloomology, we tend to 'go big.'

As we each walk the never-ending tightrope of balancing our naturally-big hearts with those big forces we recognize within ourselves (think forces like wisdom, quiet strength, and intuition) – we use this space at Bloomology to unpack and explore big questions. We willingly deep-dive into big, weighty questions that might stir up some uncomfortable feelings or tough questions within ourselves.

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Standing at a Crossroads: Is 'Known' Better?

I’ve always been the type of person who’s generally resistant to change. (Or – to frame it a bit more positively, because I’m trying to do that more lately – for as long as I can remember, I’ve found deep, resounding comfort in stability.) I place a lot of value in having that full-picture understanding of where I am and what to expect, and having the space to settle into that reality and really get cozy in it. When given the choice, I will almost always lean toward ‘staying the course’ over ‘mixing things up’ as long as there’s not an obvious, pressing need to change direction. If it’s not broken, why fix it - am I right?

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Compromising, Without Compromising Ourselves

We’ve heard it, we’ve learned it, we’ve lived it: compromise is one of those necessary building blocks at the core of every healthy relationship. Whether we’re talking about resolving a literal conflict, or something slightly gentler like joint decision-making, compromise is the thing that makes room for a true sense of balance and shared voice to take root in a partnership. Luckily, us natural softies are hardwired for empathy, compassion, and helping – all of which are key pieces of the compromise equation. But as we all know, navigating the waters of compromise while maintaining a sense of equilibrium and avoiding resentment isn’t always as straightforward as it seems.

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Swing Like a Pendulum to Find Balance

I’ve been dwelling a lot recently on the connection between holding firm to our personal boundaries, and the negative energy that can sometimes come with it.

We talk a lot here about the importance of defining, articulating, and holding firm to our boundaries.  And through one lens, these things might look and feel liberating and empowering. (That’s the goal!) But through another, that same list of ideas can feel rigid, negative, or even standoffish and defensive. Say ‘no’ more often. Defend your boundaries. Be aware of when you’re not feeling respected or nourished, and be prepared to fight to fix it. Blegh.

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How Boundaries Create Freedom and Ease

Last month, I had an entire weekend completely and totally to myself. My guy was out of town, I had no plans, and zero obligations all weekend. Every now and again I relish having a weekend like that, for the chance to go full-introvert and reboot. I love the feeling of having unlimited time to tackle whatever I feel called to. I always imagine myself striking that perfect balance of Indulgent and Productive: crossing a thousand things off my to-do list, making myself amazing meals in my sparkling clean kitchen, squeezing in a manicure in between rearranging my furniture and finishing that novel on my nightstand. I’ll be a beacon of productivity! I tell myself.

But total freedom never quite feels – or works out – the way I imagine it will.

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